Classroom News

March 23-27

Hi everybody this week was very exciting, well for the most part………
On Monday we took a pretest for our next topic in math: division and area. It was kind of easy and kind of hard, not too bad. We also started to learn how to do long division. It was fun and a lot easier than we thought it would be.
In the beginning of the week we had a student (Jeannine) come up with the idea to write a letter to Mr. Blaisdell to try and get free yearbooks for all the fourth graders
This week we started a social studies project called the Great Mail Race. The Great Mail Race is a project where we write letters to different states and fill out questionnaires about our state. Then we mail them out to the states that we picked. It was a lot of work but our letters are finally done and ready to be sent out.
This week Mrs. Farrell decided to torture us by making do PARCC practice. SHE MADE US DO IT FOR A HOUR AND 15 MINUTES L!!! We had to read articles and watch a video. Then we had to answer questions and write an essay. Even though we didn’t like it AT ALL, we were kind of glad to do it, because we realized it wasn’t too bad. After Mrs. Farrell stopped torturing us she barely gave us any homework. Well maybe we exaggerated a little about the torturing part she actually is a really nice teacher.
Also this week we did something new, and that something is we are setting a goal for our class. The goal is, we do a program called xtramath, you may know of it, anyway our goal is to get at least 75% of the class to finish multiplication and division.
On Friday it was … report card day so we worked on our memory books for second term! On Friday it was tropical day too! A lot of people did it some people even wore bathing suits! Thank you for reading our weekly classroom news.

Caroline and Jake

Classroom News March 16-20
This week has been very exciting. We presented our leprechaun traps and told how they work and the simple machines in them .When we walked into the classroom on March 17th, we were so surprised to see what the leprechaun did to our classroom: there were green footprints everywhere and glitter everywhere and we had to clean up his mess it was terrible, just terrible.
We are finishing learning about fractions and we took a test on Friday. We also got to go outside and go on our sleds again.
Wow! we got a letter in the mail from Colorado that told us that we were in the Great Mail Race and the letter was from a fourth grade girl named Ada. Now each of us has picked a state to write our letter to the state that we picked. We have to tell about our school and our state. We are so excited to do this.
Crash! Our class is learning about bicycle safety and we have big plans for thisJ. We are also in the middle of a good book; Where the Red Fern Grows. The whole class is very interested in this book. Let us tell you about this book, the main character is a boy named, Billy and his two hunting dogs Little Ann and Old Dan, where we are Billy, his father, his dogs ,and his grandfather are going to a hunting competition and they are on the last night so the pressure is on.
Friday the 13th we had our star of the month, Haleigh and Tess. Congratulation to those two students. The 20th we went to our kindergarten little buddies play and some of our students were narrating the play!
Sam and Haleigh

We want to tell you about what was going on in Mrs. Farrell’s classroom last week March 9-13th.
We got assigned two projects for this week. The first project is the leprechaun trap. We have been learning about simple machines and our teacher assigned us a project to make a trap using at least two simple machines. We got a packet with the instructions to make it. On Monday March 16 we are going to bring it in to show the classroom and on March 17 we are going to see if we catch the leprechaun! We are anxious to see if some people catch the leprechaun and see everyone’s hard work!
Another project is the sled making project. We are getting graded on how fast it goes down a hill and if it doesn’t break while riding. We had other activities to do while we were waiting for our turn to go down the hill. One of those activities was playing a game called Kahoot. Kahoot is a team playing game where you use I PADS and you have to answer a question quickly and when you get it right you click next and you see what place you came in! One of the other activities was you got hot chocolate and animal crackers also with the hot chocolate you got marshmallows. The next station was a science experiment. We had a piece of yarn, ice, and salt. We wet the yarn in a bucket of water, and then we put the wet yarn on the block of ice. Then we sprinkled salt on the ice and counted to 80 in our heads. When you picked up the piece of yarn and the ice stuck to it!
In writing we are doing research about bike safety and how it is very important to wear helmets. We are looking in articles to find our information. Did you know 85% of the time helmets reduce the crash impact? Also, kids ages 5 to 13 have more bike injuries than anything else and most of the injuries are caused from not wearing helmets. In math we are comparing fractions to a half or a whole.
That was our fun week!
By: Kaitlyne and Declan